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The Tsinghua – INSEAD Executive MBA (TIEMBA) is a unique partnership between INSEAD, one of the world's leading business school, and Tsinghua, one of China’s most prestigious universities. The programme takes place across INSEAD’s three campuses in Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Fontainebleau, and Tsinghua’s two campuses in Beijing and Shenzhen.
As a participant, you will exchange perspectives within an elite, dynamic, culturally diverse class of experienced managers and be part of two powerful alumni networks. The TIEMBA is where life-changing leadership development meets technical mastery of key business disciplines. And both make an immediate impact in your organisation. It is the best of East and West, learning and working, technical knowledge and soft skills — in a single programme.

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Two Degrees from Two Prestigious Business Schools
Two Prestigious Schools
Tsinghua University

To study at Tsinghua University is to join an institution whose history is intertwined with China’s extraordinary economic growth story of the last few decades. In fact, the founding dean of the School of Economics and Management (SEM), Professor Zhu Rongji, went on to become China’s fifth Premier in 1998. Today his vision of a school where China’s business elite could learn about best global practice and its implementation in the Chinese economy is a reality. Tsinghua SEM has become one of the world’s most acclaimed business schools: a magnet for entrepreneurial activities and outstanding professionals from throughout China and beyond.


INSEAD is one of the world’s largest and highest-ranked graduate business schools. More importantly, it’s a unique environment that brings together people and ideas from different cultures to change lives and transform organisations. A global perspective and cultural diversity are reflected in all aspects of its research and teaching across three equal-status campuses in three world regions. Every year, INSEAD’s 145 expert faculty from more than 40 countries inspire over 1,300 master participants, while more than 10,000 executives are drawn to its campuses to participate in Executive Education.

Bridging East and West
Global business knowledge plus an in-depth understanding of the Chinese context. This is the equation for career success in today’s world economy. But how do you become an expert in both?

This challenge is what motivated us to create the Tsinghua–INSEAD Executive MBA (TIEMBA): a unique, modular, dual-degree programme for experienced executives. Our goal is to offer participants the best of both institutions: one of China’s most elite universities and one of the world’s top international business schools.
Fifteen years from 2007 to 2021 and 589 alumni and participants later, the TIEMBA is consistently ranked one of the top EMBA programmes in the world by the Financial Times. We are proud of our seamless East-West partnership, as well as the advantages that it offers our participants. The TIEMBA runs across Beijing, Shenzhen, Singapore, Fontainebleau and Abu Dhabi providing unparalleled multicultural perspectives and insights into some of the most dynamic regions of the world. The programme fuses intense leadership development training with a rigorous yet highly applied management curriculum, and stands at the intersection of two of the world’s most powerful alumni networks.
It is thus no surprise that the TIEMBA has built a remarkable track record of producing successful business leaders and entrepreneurs. Imagine what we can do, together, for your East-West success.


The TIEMBA is designed around several essential components: Core Courses, Elective Courses, Key Management Challenges, the Leadership Development Programme and a Final Thesis. It covers the business school classics as well as the current business and technical trends, with a global vision and a deep understanding of the Chinese context. This curriculum fully embodies the advantages of Tsinghua University as a comprehensive university and INSEAD as a world-leading business school.

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Abu Dhabi
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Alexander Oezbahadir
Class of 2015
Nationality: Germany
Current Role: Head of Sales and Marketing
Corporation:Schindler AG
Life is a journey and some milestones left a dent in my little universe. TIEMBA was such a milestone. To have the privilege to bring work experiences into state-of-the-art academic frameworks and discuss these with world-class scholars and like-minded students from around the world was something very special. Even deeper than the academic experience was the personal development journey and the lasting friendships that formed - a perfect time to reflect, energize and grow.
Jireh Li
Class of 2019
Nationality: Australia
Current Role: Chief of Staff, Managing Director
Corporation:Source Code Capital
TIEMBA is the ideal embodiment of cross-cultural professional and personal development. It’s not just the curriculum that brings value. It’s also how TIEMBA brings together executives from all walks of life, and the experiential learning you gain from project simulations and peer coaching. It pushes your boundaries on thought leadership, provides modern perspectives on people management, and equips us to tackle real-life business challenges. A truly intellectually stimulating and practical EMBA programme!
Basar Polat
Class of 2019
Nationality: Turkey
Current Role: Regional Director
Corporation:Detecon International GmbH
TIEMBA is a never-ending journey. The learning opportunity at TIEMBA was not only limited with the courses and electives but it was supported with extra-curriculum webinars and classes. Those events broaden our perspectives, enlighten us about new business trends and evolving role of a business leader in the society. I have not been in China before TIEMBA and meeting with this fresh, dynamic and deep-rooted culture really catalyzed my personal development and help me understand different perspectives, improveability for empathy and set bold targets.
Fang Ming Kao
Class of 2014
Nationality: Singapore
Current Role: Managing Director, Greater China &
Corporation:Commonwealth Bank
TIEMBA curriculum and faculty staff epitomized the best of East & West. Care is taken in terms of dynamics and diversity of each class. A TIEMBA journey does not end with graduation. The active & highly supportive alumni communities of TIEMBA, Tsinghua & INSEAD, keeps one connected & updated. To fully appreciate the TIEMBA experience , engage and participate.
Thomas Moggard
Class of 2018
Nationality: Netherlands
Current Role: Senior Director, Head of China Central Engineering
With a background in engineering and having spent my career in the technology industry, TIEMBA provided the perfect opportunity to strengthen my business acumen and ultimately prepare me for senior leadership roles. The unique East-West mix of two top schools guaranteed great diversity, both academically and in terms of insight and sharing from my fellow classmates and alumni.
Kingsley Leung
Class of 2019
Nationality: Hong Kong, China
Current Role: Chairman
Corporation:Uni-Bio Science Group Limited
TIEMBA provides students unprecedented insight into China's dynamic economy, as well as access to near unlimited development opportunities; a highly unique offering in the market. When it comes to interacting with people from a diverse set of cultures, I think no other program has these touch points around the world,and with these you can learn the different cultures of doing business.
Application Rounds
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We look for people with both management experience and leadership potential with a minimum of eight years full-time work experience, including at least five years of managerial experience. Interested candidates are encouraged to send in CV for a pre-application assessment to
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You can apply through the online application form on the TIEMBA website:
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: GMAT/Executive Assessment & TIEMBA Interview
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: TIEMBA Written Test & TIEMBA Interview
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